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AT&T eCommerce Production Operations

Senior Technical Director /  3.2007 – Present

Managed a team of sixty divided into Systems Engineering, Tools and Application Support, Windows Engineering, and Performance Test. The teams are responsible for the build out and maintenance of, Bedrock, Urock/Drock, Care and eSupport. Maintained 99.5 end user availability in a complex 24x7 ecommerce environment. The teams provide initial platform architecture, handle purchasing and fulfillment and coordinate datacenter rollout for networking and power. Teams handled rack, stack, and imaging and final deployment into environments, including application installs, configuration, support, monitoring and security.

Microsoft Game Studios

Operations Engineer  /  3.2006 - 3.2007

Designed and built lab and production environments for various Massively Multiplayer Online titles. Handled firewalls and connectivity for the development and deployment of builds across multiple environments. Created cluster syncing and restart scripts using Monad. Developed operational best practices road show.

Cingular Wireless

Systems Architect  /  9.2004 – 3.2006

Performed regular maintenance and support for AT&T's ecommerce team. Worked extensively with troubleshooting and deploying ATG Dynamo. Wrote bash scripts to handle automated updates and roll out of code via ssh, and log server performance. Set up Apache compiled with Dynamo, created NFS setup, and reviewed security updates. Performed Solaris patching, tuning and modification. Designed, specified, and rolled out hardware for new application projects.


Lead Site Coordinator  /  7.2002 – 5.2004

Managed a team of eight technicians in a 24x7 environment. Deployed new servers with Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Windows 2003 Server using Altiris, Ghost and WinPE image deployment systems. Installed and maintained SQL, IIS and .NET framework. Maintained server solutions from Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell and networking gear from Cisco, Net Gear, F5 and NetApp. Managed and allocated IPs and VLANs using multiple methods of server clustering. Developed more efficient deployment and break/fix processes across multiple Microsoft teams.

Lucent Network Care Professional Services

Network Systems Engineer  /  8.2000 – 10.2001

AT&T Wireless project - Worked with Data Service Network Nodes. Developed test plans and procedures, performed on-site installation, and design testing, integrated Cisco, Lucent, and Sun products. Implemented Solaris DHCP, FTP, tFTP and WWW, and NFS services. Engineered Radius authentication, L2TP and PPtP based client solutions.
Microsoft Mergers & Acquisitions project - Designed and deployed networks to integrate Great Plains Accounting into Microsoft’s corporate network. Configured Cisco 7500, 4000, 3600, and 2600 routers and switches in a complex OSPF and BGP environment.

Luminant Worldwide

Network Engineer  /  3.1999 – 8.2001

Designed and developed internal and external IP networks. Implemented and administered Checkpoint Firewall-1, configured all Cisco routers for both the Seattle and San Francisco offices. Specified, designed and launched client solutions on Solaris including multi-volume and multi-array systems. Developed and designed integrated network in San Francisco, implemented DNS, Veritas Netbackup, and NT domain. Created and maintained split DNS in Seattle for public and private IP space.

Sr. Systems Administrator  /  2.1998 – 3.1999

Administered both local and remote servers. Archived web server logs managed user account creation, performed Solaris upgrades, wrote automatic disk notification scripts, and resolved network problems. Installed routers and hubs, and assisted in administering local and remote TCP/IP address space. Used Solaris Disk Suite to improve disk performance and created concatenated and stripped disk sets to maximize performance. Developed upgrade and support path for Solaris 2.6.

Systems Engineer  /  11.1997 – 2.1998

Evaluated, created and implemented various technical support systems. Provided direct support for Lariat customers. Managed the internal network and server resources including user account creation, Solaris upgrades, and backups. Assisted with graphic revisions and updates for Lariat’s printed materials. Targeted and identified new and developing areas of PC architecture and standards. Developed and maintained relationships with outside vendors and software partners. Assisted with testing, integration, and release of Lariat products.


Systems Administrator  /  5.1997 – 9.1997

Created modem dial up pool. Installed new desktop and server hardware. Purchased, specified and configured Sun 3000, Sun Ultra Two, and Sun Ultra One servers for the Metacrawler search engine. Installed and maintained web servers, created user accounts, executed Solaris upgrades, implemented performance tuning, installed and maintained Q-mail, and resolved network problems. Built-out internal data center and managed TCP/IP address space.

Microsoft IE UNIX Team

Contract UNIX Administrator  /  3.1997 – 5.1997

Built and assembled the IE UNIX Lab. Setup and maintained 30+ Solaris machines, 2 SGI workstations, and an HP server. Handled TCP/IP space, ISDN firewall interaction, and set up NIS+ name space. Tuned file systems, installed all software tools, responsible for selection and purchase of new hardware. Resolved network problems and assisted with integration of additional office systems into a separate parallel LAN.

Happy Puppy Games

UNIX Administrator and Web Developer  /  5.1996 – 3.1997

Managed Happy Puppy’s UNIX resources. Oversaw user accounts, disk space, file system tuning, and backups. Integrated routers and ISDN lines into the local LAN and resolved network problems. Built and maintained the On-Line Gaming Area. Wrote scripts for the automatic generation of content in PERL and Cshell, and handled web log processing.

Sierra On-Line

Webmaster  /  6.1995 – 6.1996

Dedicated to planning, executing, and maintaining Sierra's web site. Managed a team of five web developers. Worked in conjunction with marketing, technical support, and outside developers. Developed Shockwave content. Duties included understanding of changing Internet technology; graphic compression, image manipulation, and knowledge of PERL, HTML, Java script and code.

Dartmouth Advanced Graduate Studies Lab (DAGS)

Lab Manager  /  5.1993 – 1.1994

Managed and maintained all computer systems in the DAGS Lab. Organized file systems, recovered lost data, performed hard and software installation, and consulted on multimedia projects.


Dartmouth College
Lower Columbia College
Kelso High School

Professional Certifications

Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT)
Advanced Fiber Optic Technician (AFOT)


National Merit Scholar
Rotary Scholar
National Honors Society
Philosophy Student of the Year

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