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obituary of elizabeth sherry (1914-2004).

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Elizabeth C. Sherry died at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington on January 15, 2004. She was 89. She grew up on the East Coast and graduated form Boston University. She moved to California with her husband, Benjamin, and their two children after World War II. She worked for many years as a school psychologist and educational administrator. She always had an active, intelligent mind and was very involved with liberal political issues and causes. She helped establish the first Unitarian Fellowship in Whittier, California. She had a commercial pilot’s license and for many years flew with her husband in their small single-engine plane. She also enjoyed playing bridge, reading, and studying current events.

After retirement she and her husband taught at the American College of Switzerland and traveled to many different places. She was very fond of her pets, especially her small dog, Charlie. After her husband’s death last year she moved to Seattle to be near her son and his family.

Her son Martin and his wife Barbara; her two grandchildren, Benjamin Sherry and Davonna Cufley, M.D.; and Davonna’s family, sons Jared and Zane, and husband Rand Cufley; all of Seattle, Washington survive her. Her daughter, Diane Bright, and Diane’s husband Ted Bright of Fairfax, California also survive her.

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Posted 1.20.04