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art fundraiser for howard dean.

On December 12, 2003 Erik Fadiman and Corinne Broom hosted an independent fundraiser at Erik's home in West Seattle to raise money for the Dean campaign.

At the fundraiser Dean-supporters purchased artwork of various media and took home free Dean paraphenalia. Everyone also enjoyed scrumptious appetizers and drinks along with a high-energy atmosphere.

The fundraiser was a great success, raising over $2,400 for the Dean campaign. We'd like to thank all of those who attended, contributed artwork, or supported this fundrauser in any way. We look forward to the next event in 2004!

Special thanks to those who donated artwork:

Evan Holloway | Los Angeles
Charles Peterson | Seattle
Ellen Ziegler | Seattle
Kurt Blume | Kurt Blume Photography | Seattle
Kate Johnson | Vashon Island
Mimi Tremoulet | Rose Cottage Quilting | Seattle
Tim Broom | Vashon Island
Todd Hardman | Seattle
Anil Kapahi | Seattle
Susan Kay | Vashon Island
Frank Roberto | Seattle
Davonna & Rand Cufley | Seattle
Lynn Sorrentino | Seattle
Philander Scroggs | Phillustrations | Seattle
Irene Otis & Jim Deignan| Irene's Tiles | Vashon Island
Jim & Lisa Osse | Kirkland
Jamil Rich & Rebecca Mason | Seattle
Harvey Bergman | Harve Bergman Photography | Vashon Island
Corinne Broom | Seattle
Aleksandra Czechowska | Seattle
Erik Fadiman | | Seattle
Kristin Boyer | Seattle
Pam Hart | Vashon Island
Frances Smersh | Smersh Design Jewelry| Seattle
Julia Lowther | Seattle
Peter MacDonald | Tacoma
Tyghe Armstrong | Burien