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Our wedding was a community effort. The day began with the contributions of countless helpers getting everything ready. A costume event, not only the wedding party, but also all of the guests, were asked to come in the costume of their choice. Once the bride arrived, portraits were taken of the wedding party and the families of the bride and groom - we made quite a group . The portraits taken, it was nearly time for the ceremony.

The guests were gathered in a circular formation and the wedding party waiting outside the entrances. When the string quartet played the Fanfare written by the groom's father the minister entered, beginning the ceremony . The ceremony incorporated many elements including the honoring of family and friends, the lighting of a unity candle, readings done by both the bride's and groom's siblings, as well as the vows, ring vows, and the kiss . Finally, the ceremony was closed with two symbolic rituals - stomping a sherry glass and jumping a broom.


After the ceremony everyone pitched in, transforming the venue into a party space. There were hors d'oeuvres and drinks aplenty and within a half hour the band kicked off the party. Blues tunes filled the hall and everyone was wrapped in the music of Blue Monday and The Brass Knuckles. A photo booth had been set up and our friend Ola gamely took to posing all of the interested guests in every imaginable costume combination.

When the time came to 'cut the cake' the cake was unveiled - revealing that it was actually a piñata. Benjamin blindfolded Corinne and she took the first shot at the piñata. It fell to the floor without breaking open, so Benjamin finished it off with one powerful smack of the broom. Candy spilled forth and more was served on platters.

The band played on and much dancing was enjoyed. Later in the evening the band closed their second set and DJ's Rob & Steph took over, spinning electronica tailored for the bride & groom. Dancing until the end Corinne & Benjamin finally dragged themselves away just before the official ending time. Dedicated friends & family stayed behind to take care of all the cleanup.


the whole shebang

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